Invited talks at major international conferences Invited talks at major international conferences

Zhu YG. Remediation of soils contaminated with radionuclides. International Conference on Environmental Contamination, Toxicology and Health, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 23-25 September 1998, Hong Kong
Zhu YG. Soil-based countermeasures for and remediation of soils contaminated with radionuclides. 5th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements, 11-15 July 1999, Vienna, Austria
Zhu YG, Kong WD, Chen BD, Nan ZB, Christie P. Soil microbial community: understanding the belowground network for sustainable grassland management. 26 June-1 July 2005, XX International Grassland Congress, Dublin, Ireland
Zhu YG. Manipulating rhizosphere processes to minimize the risks associated with soil pollution. 26 August-1 September 2007, Rhizosphere 2 International Conference, Montpellier, France
Zhu YG. Arsenic dynamics in the rhizosphere of wetland plants: Redox gradients and microbial processes. 26-27 June 2008, 20th New Phytologist Symposium, Aberdeen, UK
Zhu YG. Iron dynamics in the rhizosphere of wetland plants: Coupling of microbial and chemical processes. 14th International Symposium on Iron Nutrition and Interactions in Plants. September 11-15 October 2008, Beijing China
Zhu YG. Policies of risk assessment and risk management of agri-food in China: Research experiences and perspectives for heavy metals. International Symposium on “Strategies for Technology Development for Ensuring Agro-Food Safety”, 7-10 July, 2009, Korea
Zhu YG. Biogeochemical processes of arsenic in paddy soil. International Symposium of Molecular Environmental Soil Science at the Interfaces in the Earth’s Critical Zone. 10-14 October 2009, Hangzhou, China
Zhu YG. Managing arsenic in paddy soils to reduce human exposure to arsenic in rice. 17-21 May 2010, The Third International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment, Taiwan
Zhu YG. Urbanization in China: Problems and perspectives. 20-23 June 2010, International Urban Environmental Pollution Conference (UEP2010
Zhu YG. Reducing arsenic concentrations in rice. 8-9 July 2010, AquaTrain Final Conference, Orleans, France
Zhu YG. Microbe-plant interactions and transformations of arsenic and selenium in soils. 10-15 July 2011, Gordon Research Conference on Applied and Environmental Microbiology, South Hadley, MA, USA
Zhu YG. The role of silicon in mitigating arsenic accumulation in rice plant. The 5th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture, 13-17 September 2011, Beijing, China
Zhu YG. Mending the broken biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen and phosphorus at the urban-rural interface. International Urban Environmental Pollution Conference, (UEP2012), 17-20 June 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zhu YG. Arsenic in soil-rice systems Microbial ecology perspectives. The 4th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment,22-27 July 2012, Cairns, Australia
Zhu YG. Eco-genomics for soil ecological risk assessment. International Conference on Soil Risk Assessment, 6 Dec 2012, Seoul, Korea
Zhu YG. Agricultural and environmental benefit of biochar. Sino-German Symposium on Biochar in Agriculture. 14-19 April 2013, Trier, Germany
Zhu YG. Future earth in an urbanized China. International Workshop on Future Earth in China, 26-27 September 2013, Beijing, China
Zhu YG. Microbial transformation of arsenic in soils and implications for soil remediation. Ecole thématique franco-chinoise-Sino-French training course-AIRECOSOLS 14-18 October, 2013, Nancy, France
Zhu YG. Urbanization and human health, Chinese perspectives. The 2nd International Symposium on Environmental Health, 29-30 October 2013, Seoul, Korea